Offset XYZ
Kinetic installation

"Offset XYZ" is an ever-changing kinetic sculpture. By analyzing the relation of time and space, the installation reveals duration as the connecting element between these two separated entities. The installation continuously creates new situations — both in terms of temporary as well as spatially aspects — and affects not only its own physical appearance and the inner capacity of the sculpture, but also the space surrounding it.

The skin builds a geometrical body as a reference to Buckminster Fullers idea of "continuous tension – discontinuous compression", which also can be interpreted not only for physical structures but as a formal theory for working with time. The observer — an autonomous time basis for himself — can experience the sculpture as being a part of the surrounding space and perceive the continuously changing environment as an encapsulated, connected entity.

(1) In-situ at Kühlhaus Berlin (Preparing for darkness), Berlin / Germany