Monolith YW Capture
2020 — Pigment print, dim. 42 x 42cm
White frame, 180g natural paper coated white
Monolith YW Capture are selected representations of the constantly ongoing inner monologue of the kinetic sculpture Monolith YW.

Is what a self-conscious machine expresses the same thing that it really thinks or believes in?
What if, there is an inner monologue by the machine before communicating to the outside world?
Does a self-aware machine create a certain image (or self-image) of itself?
Therefore, is a machine able to make us believe what it wants us to believe in?

The kinetic sculpture Monolith YW depicts the abstract process of the inner monologue of a self-conscious machine. Based on a semiotic system with 25 binary states (the assumed language model of the machine), the sculpture is constantly in a dynamic process of creating formal consistent expressions (primal thoughts). Vicarious for the subsequent process of evaluating this internal conflict, two juxtaposed white light sources illuminate independently the original expressions from opposite directions.

Studio view, Berlin / Germany