2019 — Pigment print, dim. 42 x 60cm
White frame, 180g natural paper coated white
Dyad is an ongoing experiment series which explores the complex of visually stored sound respectively sonically stored visuals. Inspired by the concept of wave-particle duality, which states that a quantum object can have two different characteristics at the same time, the series also can be seen as an aesthetic approach for analyzing the time-based mutual interactions between two seemingly separated perception forms. The sounds respectively visuals of this series are created with so called vector synthesis, which means that the visual representation one can see is the actual sound of a certain time frame and vice versa. The sonic parts of the series are published as audio releases whereas visual extracts are captured as pigment prints.

Detail view "9.859s 8 -0.3 0.5 8K 0.2 2.2 1K 0.2 -7.5"
Studio view, Berlin / Germany
In-situ at Galerie Mazzoli, Berlin / Germany, 2020