Soft Takeover
2019-2022 — Kinetic sculpture, dim. 75 x 100cm
Trained artificial neural network (Abstract Language Model), actuators, stretch fabric, canvas frame
As Artificial Intelligence and self-conscious technologies have deeply manifested themselves in the structural processes of human society, the question arises as to how technological imperialism affects other areas of human culture as well.

Based on a semiotic system of 81 binary states (Abstract Language Model, since 2022), the kinetic sculpture Soft Takeover transfers abstract statements to visually perceptible sequences by occupying an unpainted white canvas frame as its medium.

Will the human observer accept the messages presented to him through a familiar culture format and over time unconsciously, unquestioningly internalizing the statements of the concealed technological authority?

— Edit 2022
Having employed in previous works the conceptual idea of an assumed language model for self-conscious machines and their possible expressions, the research and development of an abstract language model was initiated in 2021: a machine created semiotic system which is based on all existing human signs, but transferred into and recreated with a machine-learned model. The result of this process is now also used for current editions of Soft Takeover.
A detailed description for the research and process for Abstract Language Model can be found here (Abstract Language Model with Monolith YW, 2020-2022).

In-situ at Selected Artists / Gallery Weekend Berlin, Berlin / Germany, 2019
In-situ at Galerie für Gegenwartskunst, Freiburg / Germany, 2019
In-situ at B39 Art Bunker, Bucheon / South Korea, 2019