Everything is possible (not)
2018 — Object, dim. 128 x 82cm
Acrylic plastic, electronic boards, wires, motors
Everything is possible (not) investigates the mantra of our time, that literally everything seems to be feasible with the help of advanced technology. One of the popular mainstream icons of this cult is the 3D printer, as the most affordable dream for anyone who also wants to feel being a part in this movement. Almost all of these 3D printers get shipped unassembled directly from Chinese mass production sites for less than 100$, but force most customers into failing by putting together over 300 single technical components to one actual working piece, that subsequently is able to do exactly this: Make everything possible — only limited by your imagination™. And like the viewer of the object, they remain confronted with the evidently proper tools right in front of them — now turned into useless electronics scrap — and prevented to actually take part in the praised technological evolution.

In situ at B39 Art Bunker, Bucheon / South Korea, 2019