Obscured Variants
2023 — Sculptures, dimensions variable
SLA printed object, matte black lacquer finish, steel plate
The SLA printed sculptures Obscured Variants are based on Abstract Language Model, a machine created semiotic system which is based on all existing human signs (more than 65.000 characters included in the Unicode basic multilingual plane system), but transferred into and recreated with a machine-learned model. The artificial neural network creates latent points where the most accurate representation of the characters is achieved, but also enables interpolation between them. As a result of this process, among two previously distinct characters now infinite characters come into existence. The revealing of these obscured variants between the known characters leads to the idea of a transitionless or non-binary universal language, whose possible expressions are represented in these static, three-dimensional objects of interpolations between latent points of selected models.
A detailed description for the research and process for Abstract Language Model can be found here (Abstract Language Model with Monolith YW, 2020-2022).

Studio view, Berlin / Germany

In situ at Galerie Ador Expérience, La Rochelle / France, 2024