Universal Interface
2024 — Audio-visual performance with sculptural element, 30 min
Aluminium structure, stretchable fabric, custom software, 3D motion sensor
Building up on the latest research and developments for Abstract Language Model, this work explores the concept of an Universal Interface, the artistic approach for the connecting element for a trans-machine / trans-human language. It pursues the idea of a synthesis on a physical level with an already shared concept of a language model (semiotic system) which makes transformations (translations) — and also the inherent loss of information in this process — of communication obsolete. Therefore, the performance Universal Interface has a synchronized, sculptural-interactive element which connects the audio-visual depiction with the physical-tangible space and vice versa.
Universal Interface was developed during a residency at Medialab Matadero and realized in collaboration with LEV Festival.

In situ at OpenLAB#03 Mentes Sintéticas, Madrid / Spain, 2024 (Photos by Medialab Matadero)