2015 — Kinetic audio-visual installation, dim. 200 x 200cm
Actuators, stretchable fabric, projector, stereo sound
The kinetic audio-visual installation Offset analyzes the manipulation of the medium itself and the discrepancy between physical reality and visual perception. The term offset refers to a deterministic deviation from a normal state in an otherwise well-defined environment. Geometrically precise patterns are projected on an as even perceived object. Through a physical deformation of the object itself, these patterns additively change and transform into different states. Through the continuous manipulation of the medium itself, there is a discrepancy of what is actually there and what is only perceived visually.

A stretchable fabric is moved by motors at different points along the Z-axis. The motors are perfectly synchronized to the sequence of the audio-visual dramaturgy. Viewed from the front, the real displacements are objectively perceived as distortions on a two-dimensional surface. When approaching the installation, the whole object will be understood as three-dimensional and the physically induced distortions get visible by the varying depths of the surface.

Varying depth of the surface following the audio-visual sequence