2014 — Reactive object, dim. 100 x 100cm
Loudspeaker, microphone, aluminium frame
The reactive object Deformation examines the uncertain, vulnerable process of electronic communication and the total loss of information in an apparently independent system. By speaking into the rear side of the object, diverse human speech gets transformed (but not translated) into monotonous binary code, spoken by a female robot voice. With this process, the original source remains unheard, gets destroyed and is finally shaped into an unintended, maybe totally contradictory statement.

The binary code itself quotes the monologue of Josef K. (The Trial, Kafka, 1925), when he stands in front of his prosecutors: „And what, gentlemen, is the purpose of this enormous organisation? Its purpose is to arrest innocent people and wage pointless prosecutions against them which, as in my case, lead to no result. (…) That is why policemen try to steal the clothes off the back of those they arrest, that is why supervisors break into the homes of people they do not know, that is why innocent people are humiliated in front of crowds rather than being given a proper trial."